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NAFTraPh is a pharmaceutical nonprofit organization that helps people in Nigeria with their pharmaceutical distribution system. We help hospitals integrate the services of clinical pharmacists, and we educate the general community on the use of pharmaceutical products to optimize their health prospects.

Who We Are

Many of our members come from the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia and other African countries to become licensed in Nigeria and start getting to work. We also hold conferences where we invite practitioners and share information on the latest news in medicine. Our team is especially knowledgeable on the subject of HIV prevention, which is of utmost importance in Nigeria.

Nigerian Healthcare System
F.P.G.O.P. 2012

What We Do

From direct pharmaceutical assistance to educational programs, everything we offer is intended to help the people of Nigeria. We are always trying to partner with schools and pharmacies in the country to improve our curriculum and yield better outcomes for the people we serve. Ask us about teaming up for a worthy cause.

Our Mission

To improve patients care, and effective drug formulation, distribution & utilization through collaboration with other healthcare professionals, involved agencies, and other stakeholders in providing safe, efficacious, and cost-effective drug therapy, while using best practices to meet the therapeutic and pharmaceutical needs of patients, healthcare-systems and the communities.


Provision of world-class pharmacy practices and pharmaceutical services through evidence based practices to the Nigerian healthcare-systems and the society at large.


-To promote healthcare through ethical delivery of pharmaceutical services and with high standards
-To standardize pharmacy practices in Nigeria so that it can compare with the world’s best practices
-Improving patient care through provision of quality and affordable pharmaceutical products
-To improve the involvement and efficiency of pharmacists in patient care, as members of the healthcare teams, healthcare professionals and the drug experts
-To promote and enhance safe medication therapy management and improve patients outcomes
-To utilize technology effectively in various pharmacy practices to enhance efficiency
-Providing drug information services to patients, the larger society and the healthcare community for overall desirable pharmaceutical outcomes
-Participation in selection and implementation of Hospital/Health-system Drug Formulary
-Involving pharmacists in formulation, quality assurance, storage, distribution, and utilization of drugs and other pharmaceutical products

Nigeria Association of Foreign Trained Pharmacists (NAFTraPh) Conference in Abuja itinerary

THEME: Non-communicable diseases in Nigeria- the need for TIMELY healthcare and public health professional's involvement and interventions
Conference Schedule:
Thursday 10th, October 2019- Arrival
Friday 11th, October 2019- Full conference
Saturday 12th, October 2019- Full conference and a banquet night and other social activities
Sunday 13th, October 2019- Morning session and departure..
Venue: Barcelona Hotels, Wuse 2, Abuja.

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