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Promote Progress with Donations & Volunteer Work

Become a Part of the Solution

As NAFTraPh grows, we are always accepting charitable donations, as well as applications to join us in our pharmaceutical volunteer work in Nigeria. If you are interested in joining, simply send us your contact information and qualifications. Those with goals that align with ours and previous work in the pharmaceutical or public health field will be the perfect fit. Contact us today to learn how you can donate to our cause.

Making Donations

All donations to NAFTraPh will go straight to the Nigerian community in the form of medicine or health education. To ensure our reach is as effective as possible, we partner with local organizations, ensuring that your money makes an impact. As a registered organization in Nigeria, we are able to work throughout the country, helping urban and rural communities alike.

Volunteer Work

We welcome volunteers at NAFTraPh and encourage those in the fields of medicine or public health to fill out our membership form. Along with working abroad, members can also help with planning conferences and other administrative tasks. Even if you are working with another nonprofit in the public health sector or are not licensed in pharmaceuticals, don't worry—you can still be a great help.

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